Curriculum Intent - the rationale behind our curriculum

What is the rationale behind the Southridge Curriculum - what is our intent?

At Southridge staff continuously review and discuss our curriculum - 'The  Big Curriculum Conversation'.

We make sure that every child has the best start in life. Our curriculum intent is based on our core values, through which we deliver a broad, balanced and rich curriculum to prepare every child (including those with SEND) for the next stage / future life.

To be effective learners our children have to understand and adhere to our core values so that by the end of Year 4 our children will have developed the resilience needed to thrive on new challenges ahead at Middle Schools

Our curriculum INSPIRES our children. We strive to deliver the best education and extra - curricular activities for them.

Standards are high in the core subjects whilst also delivering excellence and a broad and balanced foundation curriculum. We offer a whole range of exciting experiences which help to develop greater depth knowledge and thinking.

We have looked at the design and implementation of our curriculum and also how we evaluate the impact of our curriculum

Excellence in teaching and enjoyment of learning is at the heart of what we aim to do. We aim to identify children’s individual learning needs and involve them in the decision making processes. We believe firmly in empowering our children rather than them being passive recipients of teaching and learning. We believe that children are engaged by learning that develops and enriches their experiences – they learn not only different things but learn in different ways: out of doors, through play, in small groups, from one another, from their teacher and from adults other than teachers.

At Southridge our Curriculum is in two half’s

  1. The academic curriculum  


(vital to promote social mobility)


  1. Other areas that are equally important
  • Personal /social development
  • How the children feel about themselves (self-esteem)
  • Where they can go in the world
  • Their hopes and dreams
  • How they are happy, confident and feel like they can change the world!

At Southridge we have customised our curriculum to meet the needs of our children:

1. It meets the statutory requirements

2. It’s made to measure and is designed to build on their experiences

3. It supports and promotes the ethos of our school – core values

4. There is an appropriate balance – so that maths and English doesn’t dominate

5. There is real breadth – we offer a wide range of experiences, opportunities to do things in different ways.

6. It promotes SMSC / British Values –

7. It also supports a depth of learning   (in ALL the children NOT just high ability) teach, practice, repeat, apply.

8. It engages and inspires the children.

“The curriculum including the many enrichment opportunities is outstanding. It promotes excellent achievement. Subjects are frequently linked together so that pupils can make use of their skills in other subjects that they have learned in English, Mathematics and computing. Pupils individual talents and learning styles are catered for very well through a range of interesting and practical experiences. Learners’ needs are the central part of all planning. The excellent curriculum in the Foundation Stage makes very effective use of the outside areas and encourages children to think, explore and investigate for themselves around planned topics.” Ofsted

Staff plan the curriculum in phase teams: Foundation, Y1, Y2 and Y3 and Y4. We have high expectations of all our children and ensure that the work is planned and managed so that every child is supported and challenged. Staff have a wide range of curricular expertise and we use their enthusiasm and talents to best effect, often team teaching or teaching different classes for IT, Music or PE etc. A high priority is placed on all lessons demonstrating clear shared learning intentions, with the children understanding how to be successful. Effective questioning, active learning, peer and self assessment, along with high quality feedback and target setting are core principles in our school.
September 2021 - Our Curriculum Recovery Plan / Catch Up
Once again our school staff face a challenge as Southidge opens to all pupils and balances the need for a full, rich curriculum with the ongoing COVID-19  pandemic. We have planned carefully for the return of all pupils as we support them to feel safe and 'ready to learn'.
The children's emotional health and well being will be  apriority as they settle back in to school life and re-establish learning behaviours.
Our children have been very well supported through 'Home Learning' during the lockdowns over the past two academic years.
However, we know that thy will require understanding as they establish independent working habits and behaviours and build up their stamina and resilience.