Our Vision and Values

Listen to our school song which is based on our five core values - can you hear them?

Our VISION at Southridge is to ensure that all our children are healthy and secure, enjoy school and do their best through our core values.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • providing a broad, rich and exciting curriculum through which children will develop a positive attitude and a real love for learning.
  • providing an efficient, bright, happy, purposeful and well organised school environment, which promotes successful learning experiences.
  • having high expectations of every child.
  • encouraging independent, active learning, giving children opportunities to work in a variety of ways and groupings.
  • promoting the abilities of all children, recognising that all children can have special gifts, talents or needs at some time and to support them in a sensitive manner.
  • developing confidence and self esteem in all children, encouraging them to show respect for others and tolerance of opinions and beliefs.
  • developing the ability to take responsibility and contribute positively to the life of the school community and ultimately to develop the qualities needed to play a full and active part in modern society
  • encouraging and supporting the physical and mental well being and healthy lifestyles of all children.
  • promoting a climate of learning for adults and children, encouraging individuals in their own development.
  • developing close partnerships between children, staff, parents and other agencies to ensure that all children feel secure and supported, so enabling their capacity for learning to flourish
  • regularly reviewing standards achieved intellectually, spiritually, physically and emotionally and through targets and goals seeking to raise these standards
  • helping children develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to participate fully in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society and in the wider increasingly interdependent and technological world
  • developing a whole school shared sense of purpose through effective leadership and management

Our children have shared our 'Vision and Values' statement and they have chosen five 'core values' for our school.

They are 'friendship, kindness, honesty, respect and responsibility' - they are the magic dust that is sprinkled around Southridge making it a very special school.

These 'core values' underpin the British Values of democracy, law, liberty and the mutual respect of those of other faiths and beliefs which we explore in many different ways in our school.