School Organisation
  • Children are taught in parallel classes in each year group throughout the school from Reception to Year 4.
  • Class ratios of teachers to children are 1:30 throughout the school. Classes are of mixed ability and grouped within, to meet the needs of all children.
  • A classroom assistant works in every year group. Children with additional needs or special educational needs are supported by them.
  • Staff plan together in year group teams, ensuring equality of opportunity for the children.
  • Children are taught for the majority of subjects by their own class teacher, with some interchange of staff according to subject specialisms.
Our School Day
  • 8.55 Children enter the school building
  • 9.00 Registration
  • 9.10 Collective Worship
  • 9.25 Morning session begins
  • 10.30 Morning break
  • 11.50 Lunch break begins EY/KS1
  • 12.05 Lunch break begins KS2
  • 1.00 Registration
  • 1.10 Afternoon session begins
  • 2.10 - 2.20 Afternoon break
  • 3.15 Reception & Nursery Afternoon session ends
  • 3.20 Year 1  - 4 Afternoon session ends
Times are adjusted for Reception classes to meet the needs of the children at different times of the year: e.g. in the Autumn term when children first start Reception break times may be staggered e.g. 10.15 - 10.30am and in the winter the afternoon session can begin at 12.45pm.