Information for Nursery new starters

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are delighted that you are considering applying for a place for your child at Southridge First School Nursery in September 2023 and we look forward to them joining our school community.


If you would like to put your child's name down for Nursery please contact the school office to leave details. In February 2023 we will allocate places and contact you by post with the offer of a Nursery place.

If you then take up the offer of that place, in May 2023 we would offer your child a short visit to the Nursery classroom and invite parents to attend a meeting in the school hall to meet the staff in our Nursery and to share information with you. 

At that meeting staff will share with you  a 'Nursery New Starters' power point, giving you information on a 'typical' day in Nursery and other useful information. Please see below.


On the power point is a short video for you and your child to watch together so that they can meet the staff and see the Nursery classroom.


In addition, at that meeting  we also hand out a Nursery pack to all parents  - where you will find details of your child's induction visit to Nursery and the following information:

  • A typical day in Nursery
  • Information on Birthdays
  • Nursery Booklet 2023-2024
  • Nursery Collection

In September we have a staggered intake system in Nursery for the first three days, when the children will start by having one induction session in a small group, which will allow both staff and children to get to know one another well. They will then all start together in the second week for 5 morning or afternoon sessions.


 In May if you have any additional queries after looking at the power point, watching the video and reviewing the information in your Nursery pack please email the school and a member of the Nursery team will contact you by telephone. 

Do you require additional care around your Southridge Nursery morning or afternoon session?
If you require additional care around the Nursery sessions you may wish to use Children's Choice Wraparound. This is an independent  organisation that runs in our school building. The staff from Southridge Nursery work very closely with Wraparound and their room is across the corridor from our nursery classroom. This enables a smooth and caring transition for your child. e.g. if your child attends Nursery in the morning they can then go across to Wraparound and have their lunch and stay for the afternoon.
Please see below for all the information about Children's Choice Wraparound:
  • Registration Form
  • 30 hour funding
  • Booking form
  • Emergency contact form