First Response Day

Friday 9th October -
Good Morning Year 3:
We hope you are all well at home.
Today we would like you to try the activities below.
From Monday we will post your work into Google Classroom every day and we will email you an invitation to a 'Google Meet' - it is a bit like a Zoom meeting. We will be able to check you understand where your tasks for the day are and answer any questions you may have.
Don't worry if you have any problems logging in - just email us and we will try to help.
OR - you could try some of these activities:
Autumn Activities:

Look in the Autumn activity  booklet.

You can try these activities:


1. Turn to page 3 – ‘A Tree-mendous Mix -Up’


Read the sentences which are on the leaves aloud.

Then look underneath at the sentence types.

Can you write the sentence out on a piece of paper and also write what sentence type they are?

e.g. Which tree is this leaf from? – Question.


2. Read an extract from Autumn by Arthur Ransome (page 9)

Copy out the 4 questions underneath and write the answers.


3. Page 10 – Can you break the code? A Hi-bear-nation Hullabaloo

Then try and make your own autumn themed code words

 REMEMBER- you do not have to complete ALL these activities today.

If you love Maths - you may prefer to have a go at these:

Multiplication Wheels Activity Pack

Look at page 1 – can you copy the wheels from page 1 only and complete them?

Remember Year 3 - you don't have to do all the activities listed above. Today,  you can choose which ones you would like to have a go at as we settle in to our remote learning.

If you would like to, you can take a photograph of your work and upload it on to the google drive or email it to Mr Price or Mr O’Hara.