Autumn 2020

Year 3 'Catch -  Up' Maths
This half-term children will be 'catching up' on topics they missed from Year 2 in the summer term during lockdown.
Classteachers will teach the Year 2 objectives in class lessons and then children will be asked to complete reinforcement and consolidation tasks at home. It is important that we teach these concepts to ensure we build on prior learning and make sure children have the correct building blocks in place for future learning this year.
To help you please watch the video below where Mrs McIntosh explains it clearly:
Google Classroom: Remote Learning for Year 3
If children in  a Year 3 class bubble are required to self-isolate at home they can access remote learning via Google Classroom.
Please see letter and instruction sheet below
October 2020 - Year 3 Self-Isolation
Lesson plans for Year 3 undertaking remote learning during 2 week self-isolation
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